Funny Gambling Quotes

Gambling is primarily a form entertainment. Everything is made to entertain you, from the bells and whistles in the slot machines to table games’ dazzling colors and shapes to the tables.

Live music and bars at land-based casinos keep the party going. Online gaming is exciting because you can get rewarded with loyalty points.

It seems that boredom has been solved by casinos, online and in-person.

Although gambling is often associated with addiction, studies have shown that many gamblers are addicted to the thrill of gambling. According to medical researchers, only 5 to 8 percent gamblers are addicted. Many people are just there for the fun of it. You might enjoy the thrill of Russian Roulette or strategizing while playing Blackjack and Poker with a tasty cocktail in hand.

Although winning is not always possible in a casino environment, it’s what keeps you coming back.

Chico Marx, a comedian, best described it this way: “If today is a loss, tomorrow will be a win. If today is victorious, tomorrow will be a loss.” It’s not fun to be certain of anything.

Interestingly, even though you lose money, you feel happier. Numerous studies have shown that even though you lose money at a casino, it doesn’t make the experience any less enjoyable. William Bolitho: “A gambler can be defined as a person who lives off hope.”

Many other notable figures also had opinions about gambling, including Marx.
They found humor in the loss and the unpredictable nature of luck.
Phil Hellmuth, a professional poker player, stated that “if there wasn’t luck involved I would win every single time.”

We have compiled some of the most hilarious quotes about gambling from many famous people, including scientists like Albert Einstein and ancient philosophers like Publilius Syrus.

These lines will bring a smile to your face, no matter if you are just trying your luck in the casino waters or a seasoned player.

“Gambling on the internet is the future.” Simon Noble: “You can only see so many dirty photos.”

Wayne Gretzky: “You will always miss 100% of shots that you don’t take.”

Yugoslav Proverb: “Nine gamblers could never feed one rooster.”

“Eat your betting cash but don’t put your money on your food.” – Unknown

“True luck does not consist in having the best cards at the table. The luckiest person is the one who knows when to rise up and go home.” John Milton Hay

Wilson Mizner: “The only thing certain about luck is that it will turn around.”

“The best way to double your money is by folding it once and putting it in your pocket.” Kin Hubbard

Gambling isn’t a vice. It is an expression of our humanity. Gambling is a common pastime. Some gamble at the casino table while others do it elsewhere. You play, you win, you play, you lose. You play.” – Jeanette Winterson

Publius Syrus: “The better the gambler the more the man.”

“The man who invented poker was brilliant, but the one who invented the chip was not.”
Julius Weintraub: “He was a genius.”

“Poker players won more than a billion dollars last year.” Casinos made 27 billion dollars just by being in their presence.” -Samantha Bee

“It is hard to end a winning streak and even more difficult to leave the table when your losing streak is over.” – Cara Bertoia

“Quit when you’re ahead. “All the best gamblers do it.” – Baltasar gracian y Morales

“A gambler will never make the same mistake twice.” It is usually three to more times.” Terry Murphy

Roger “Lou Krieger”, Lubin

It is impossible to change your luck by sitting there. You can change the machine that you are in!” — James Hauenstein

“The greatest risk is not taking one.” Tim Fargo

Heywood Hale broun: “The desire to gamble is so widespread and its practice so enjoyable that it seems like it must be evil.”

Dan Bennett: “One of the best ways to gamble is with a spade, a package of seeds, or a pair of scissors.”

“If you’re not afraid to enter a casino, then you’re either very wealthy or haven’t done enough Terrence “VP Pappy Murphy” research.

“Luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparation.” — Seneca

“The house does not beat the player.” It gives him an opportunity to beat himself.” Nick Dandalos

“Luck always seems against the man who relies on it.”
Unknown Author

“It is very simple to make a profit at a casino with little money. Go there with a lot of money.” Jack Yelton

Phil Hellmuth: “If luck weren’t involved, I would always win.”

“A man must make at least one wager per day. Otherwise, he might be lucky and never realize it.” – Jimmy Jones

Elbert Hubbard: “The only man who makes a living following the races is the one that does it with a shovel and a broom.”

“Gambling can be a great leveller. All men can play cards. – Nikolai Gogol

“Gambling with stocks, dice, or cards is one thing. It’s not getting money without giving something in return.” – Henry Ward Beecher

“Gambling can be described as a gambler’s act of faith. Prophecy can be described as a faith act for the saints. – Toba Beta

“Luck, good or bad, will always be with you.” It has a way to favor the intelligent and show its back to the dumb.” John Dewey

“Nobody is ever a winner and anyone who says he is is, is either lying or doesn’t play any poker.” – Alfred Alvarez

“There are two great pleasures to gambling: winning and losing .”– French Proverb

“You must have a strong bladder to be a poker champion.” Jack McClelland

A weekend in Vegas is like a weekend without gambling or drinking. – Artie Lange

“Gambling is based on the assumption that greed can be satisfied with luck.” Rita – Mae Brown
“If I lose today I can look forward at winning tomorrow. If I win today, I can expect a loss tomorrow.” Chico Marx: “A sure thing is not fun.”

“A Gentleman” is someone who will pay his gambling debts, even if he knows that he was cheated.” Leo Tolstoy

“To be a successful gambler, you must have complete disregard for money.” Doyle Brunson

“If you have to play, make sure that you decide on three things before you start: the rules of your game.
The stakes and the quitting times are important.” – Chinese Proverb

Albert Einstein: “You can’t beat a roulette table without stealing money from it.”

“When I was young, people called my a gambler. I was known as a speculator when my operations grew in scale. Now, I’m a banker. But I have done the same thing for years.” – Sir Ernest Cassel

Bert Ambrose: “You don’t gamble to win. You gamble so that you can gamble tomorrow.”

“At gambling the deadly sin is to mistake poor play for bad luck.” Ian Fleming

“Someone asked me once why women gamble less than men. I replied that it was because we don’t have the money. This was an incomplete but true answer. Gloria Steinem: “In fact, women’s instinct for gambling can be satisfied by marriage.”

“I wonder what motivates gamblers. Paul Bamikole: “Is it the adventure, or the love for laziness?”

“Las Vegas, is the only place I can understand where money actually talks – It says Goodbye,” – Frank Sinatra, “The Joker Is Wild.”

“The business of gambling looks with severe disfavor upon it.” – Ambrose Bierce

“To succeed, you must be born with luck. Never give up. Although a little money can help, it is not enough to make the truth stand.” Ruth Gordon

“Gambling can be used to buy hope on credit.” – Alan Wykes

Paul Newman: “A dollar won is twice the sweetener than a dollar earned.”

“Poker is very similar to sex. Everyone thinks they’re the best but few actually know what they’re doing.” – Dutch Boyd

Nadia Scrieva: “I cannot gain anything without losing everything that I have.”

Bob Nastanovich: “The more you wager, the more you lose when winning.”

“I was a big gambler. Now, I make only mental bets. “That’s how my mind lost.” – Steve Allen

French Proverb: “Gambling” is the son and father of avarice, and the father of despair.

“Gambling brought our family closer together. We had to move into a smaller house.” – Tommy Cooper

“If you want to be rich, save as well as get.” – Benjamin Franklin

Mike McDermott: “If you don’t spot the sucker within your first half-hour at the table then you are the succker.”

Doyle Brunson: “Poker can be a difficult way to make a living.”

Stephen Hawking: “All evidence suggests that God was a very skilled gambler. The universe is a great gambling place, where dice can be thrown and roulette wheels spin at every opportunity.”

Albert Einstein: “I cannot believe that God is playing dice with the universe.”

“Gambling is part and parcel of our human condition. It is my favorite thing. Gambling is my favorite pastime. “I’ve been winning fortunes and I’ve lost them.” Jerry Lewis

“In gambling, the majority must lose so that the few can win.” – George Bernard Shaw

“My advice to the unborn: Don’t be born with a gambling instinct
“You can’t make a decision unless you have a sense of probabilities.” Jack Dreyfus

“Winning a bet on horses is one of the worst things you can do in your life.”
“At an early age.” – Danny McGoorty

Bud Flanagan: “No dog can run as fast as the money that you put on him.”

“In the casino the most important rule is to keep them going back and keep them playing.” They lose more the longer they play and they win less. In the end, they get it all.” Robert De Niro, “Casino”

“If I had the money, the drinking ability and the money to live, I would probably live at a Roulette table and watch my life go to hell.” Michael Ventura

Lady Gaga: “Russian Roulette without a gun is not the same.”

“The slot machines are like young courtesans. They promise pleasures unreached of, deepest desires fulfilled and all lusts satisfied.” Frank Scoblete

“The topic of gambling is all-encompassing. It is a combination of man’s natural instinct to gamble and his desire for knowledge about his destiny and future.” Franz Rosenthal

Chinese Proverb: “At the casino, there are not fathers and sons.”

“I love to play blackjack. I don’t gamble. “I’m not addicted to gambling.” – Mitch Hedberg

“I want people understand that gambling is okay if it’s done within the context of what it’s supposed to be which is fun and entertainment.” – Michael Jordan

There are three routes to ruin: women, gambling and technicians. The easiest is with women. However, it is the most enjoyable to gamble with them. But technicians are the most dangerous.” – Georges Pompidou

“Lottery”: A tax on math-phobic people. – Unknown Author

English Proverb: “The best way to throw the dice is to just throw them away.”

“Baccarat” is a game in which the croupier collects money using a flexible sculling-oar and then takes it home. Mark Twain: “If I could have borrowed his an oar, I would have stayed.”

“The roulette table is not paid to anyone except the one who keeps it.” “A passion for gaming is not uncommon, but a passion to keep roulette tables is rare.” – George Bernard Shaw

“In most betting shops, you will see three windows marked “Bet Here”, but only one window with “Pay Out”. – Jeffrey Bernard

“I believe in luck and the more I work the harder the better I get.” – Thomas Jefferson

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